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What our clients say about us



“Working with Emma was a great experience! Her process of coaching was professional, structured but also flexible where required. Emma listened, mirrored back and challenged my thoughts during our sessions, along with offering further tools and homework to continue the process in my own team. Thanks to working with Emma, I’ve progressed in my career as I had hoped to do.”



“Emma is a very kind and warm coach, which makes it very easy to open up to and talk things through. She helped me a lot in working through a time of great uncertainty and transition. I would definitely work with Emma again in the future.”

Healthcare Worker


“I found the coaching experience very helpful, Emma was extremely kind in her approach, and professional throughout. She facilitated me in figuring out the barriers I had put up, which sabotaged me in achieving my goals in the past. She also reminded me to be kinder to myself. I would highly recommend her services.”