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What We offer

Why join a career transition group mentoring programme?

  1. Its a space for you to reflect and think creatively on where you are now, the challenges you are facing and what you need to do for the future.
  2. Its an opportunity for you to feel the value of connections and diversity in a space where you do not feel alone, which can so often be the case.
  3.  Its an opportunity for you to increase your self awareness and courage in a safe environment.
  4. Its an opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and understand different perspectives.
  5. Finally joining a group mentoring programme could ignite the change that you are seeking through the support and encouragement of the group around you.

Time To Thrive

A unique career mentoring programme designed to kickstart your career transition.
For some the journey may be about changing roles or organisations, for others it may be about a promotion opportunity and for others its resetting and creating an awareness that will help you fall in love with your career all over again.


Time To Thrive is a unique career mentoring programme run over 6 weeks that is designed to kickstart your career transition.  Throughout the programme you will be surrounded and supported by likeminded people going through a similar career transition journey.

We will meet live each week for 90 minutes via zoom, covering topics from Positive Psychology to not only support your career transition but your wellbeing too.  You will also get time and space to try out some creative tools to support you in finding the clarity that you need for the future.

You will also be provided with access and materials for suggested activities to further support your journey in between sessions.

Programme Contents:

Time To Thrive Portfolio

Each participant will complete their own Time to Thrive portfolio
This includes assessments of the following:

  • Understanding values,
  • Character strengths
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Competencies
  • As well as identifying how their personality traits can affect decisions:

During the 6 sessions we will also cover the following topics:

  • Creating a career development plan
  • Researching your future
  • Managing imposter syndrome
  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Hope and goal setting theory
  • Managing Fear and getting out of the comfort zone
  • The importance of meaning and purpose in your work.
The sessions will also include lots of opportunities to ask questions about any particular areas of the career transition process that you are struggling with.

€295 per participant (this also includes support in updating your cv).
You will also receive a welcome pack that includes a reflective  journal, and a creative tool for use during the sessions.

The sessions take place from 7-.8.30pm on Thursday evenings starting on May 26th,

Please note spaces are limited to 6 and deadline for signup is Monday 15th May.

Please enter your contact details below to arrange a chat to see if its a good fit for you.