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About us

I work with individuals at all stages in their career journeys, supporting them in finding the clarity, direction and goals they need to flourish in their careers and life.

I’m experienced at working with individuals from a variety of sectors including  retail, publishing, healthcare, teaching, public sector, pharmaceutical, marketing,  and sole traders.

As individuals we work hard to gain the qualifications, and experience we need to get on the career ladder we dreamed of as 18 year olds heading to university or college.  However as we work our way up the career ladder and gain more life experience it can be the case that we lose sight of our direction, or goals and our sense of purpose in life.   This feeling or sense for a need to change can then impact on our overall wellbeing.

My name is Emma and as a Positive Psychology Practitioner and career and life transition coach. I am passionate that you can find the fulfilment, and purpose that you are seeking to flourish in life.

I work with you to find the goals or intentions that are meaningful to you, and together we work out a way to achieve them in a manner that increases your wellbeing and puts you on a pathway to a flourishing career and life

My Positive Psychology Journey

I am a Mum to two girls, seven and five and in early 2020 I found myself feeling like I was on a treadmill, I was working really hard, but I was going nowhere and I didn’t have time to get off it.   I was rushing from one thing to another and I was living for the weekend and holidays.   I had a great full time permanent position as a Human Resources Manager in a company that I had worked in for eleven years , but I was feeling like I wanted something else but just didn’t have the time to think about what that was.

The Pandemic happened,  and working from home gave me two hours back a day and allowed me to do some much needed reflection. I realised I was in a place whereby I had lost sight of my goals, direction and my purpose. I decided to invest in myself, I booked some coaching sessions and using Positive Psychology interventions, I found the clarity I needed about my direction and the future vision I had for myself.

In the middle of the pandemic, I found my courage, I began a journey that changed my life, resulting in me leaving a full-time permanent job in the corporate world, returning to education and starting my business.

Do you feel..

Lost in your career? Unsure how to progress? Lost in yourself? Loss of Identity? Forgotten? Don’t know what you want anymore? I can help you figure it out.

So what do I do?

I offer 1:1 Positive Psychology Coaching which is the combination of Coaching Psychology and the science of Positive Psychology. When these two fields are combined the process allows you to unlock your potential in a way that enables you to identify and meet goals that are meaningful to you, as well as positively improving your levels of wellbeing.

I pay particular attention to your existing strengths alongside your wellbeing, by using scientifically validated tools and positive psychology interventions that are all aimed at improving your psychological wellbeing.

More about Me

I am a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner,  EMCC accredited coach and NLP practitioner.  I have a masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and I am also a Mental Health First Aider. I also hold a MBS in Human Resource Management and over thirteen years’ experience of working in Human Resources.

More about Me

I am a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner and career coach with a masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.   I am also an NLP practitioner and Mental Health First Aider. I hold an MBS in Human Resource Management and over thirteen years’ experience of working in Human Resources.

What I offer you is a positive safe space to learn, reflect and discover more about what you are doing well and how you can use these strengths to meet your goals as well as increasing your engagement and positive emotions.  I help you find the direction that you have been looking for.

I can support you with working towards a specific goal achievement or exploring an area in any part of your life where you believe you need some change but you are not sure of where to start.   Coaching sessions are flexible so that we focus on the area that is most important to you at any particular time.  Coaching takes place either online or face to face depending on your needs at the time.